AMET's mission is to resolve the existing problems of modern western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), including time consuming and very costly process of new drugs, side effects, inadequacy in treating chronic diseases etc. Issues associated TCM include product quality, drug/herb–herb interactions, contaminants, toxicities, and the reliance on physician diagnosis/prescription experience, and slow curative effect.

Our vision is to provide innovative yet affordable therapeutics for chronic diseases, and to improve patient's health and quality of life with alternative phytopharmaceuticals solutions.

AMET focuses on the research and development of phytomedicine. We have established industry's leading core technologies, including Botanical Therapeutics Analysis Database, Next-Generation Extractions Technology, and Molecular-Targeted Therapy Technology. These core technologies allow us to achieve drug characterization and quantification, creating therapeutics that are safe, fast-acting, and free of side effects.


Botanical Therapeutics Analysis Database

With more than 20 years of research experience, our R&D team has established an exclusive Botanical Therapeutics Analysis Database, which offers detailed analysis and critical insights into every active ingredient, interactions among plant biochemicals, and can quickly develop effective herbal formulas according to different diseases and indications.

Next-Generation Extractions Technology

With our exclusively developed advanced extraction technology, the active ingredients are precisely extracted to ensure the qualitative and quantitative standards of the plant extraction formula. Our Next-Generation Extractions Technology improve product effectiveness and safety. In addition, it also ensures that we provide safe, quick-acting, high-quality raw materials and products to our partners.

Anoxist® & Molecular-Targeted Therapy Technology

Our exclusive formulation, the Anoxist®, has been experimentally proven of achieving anti-oxidation, anti-free radical and anti-inflammatory effects. With our Molecular-Targeted Therapy Technology, Anoxist® can be delivered to interfere with specific molecules in various biochemical pathway central to the development, growth, and spread of the disease. Advantages of our drug delivery technology include precise drug delivery, fewer side effects, and improved therapeutic effectiveness.


With our core technologies, we provide our partners with the most safe, quick-acting, and free of side effects herbal therapeutic solutions. We not only help shorten product development timeline, but also provide highly competitive solutions at the lowest cost. Our team is ready to help bring your ideas to life. If you have any product or technical needs, please feel free to contact us.

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